Baked with Love

My mother used to say, “When something is cooked with love, it had to be good.” I have carried those words with me from the first time I heard them. That sentence means more now than ever before. As the recipe creator, I believe how you do little things, is how you do everything. Our cookies taste so good, you can bet there’s oodles of love in each bite!

Living life as a conscious and compassionate person is imperative to how I move through life. My husband (and business partner) regard being of service to others our higher purpose. Perhaps that’s why the biscotti are ‘beyond belief’ and ‘decadently delicious’. Our hearts and souls are literally poured into each batch. We take the time to create wonderful tasting treats. If they are good enough for us… you can trust they’ll be good enough for anyone who tries them.

Thank you for visiting our page. Thank you for reading this blog. And thank you for being our customer. We hope you will journey with us as we grow our biscotti business and that with each dunk, or crunch we are adding a little joy to your life.

Andrei and Sophie Losinski
a.k.a. The Biscotti King and Queen

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