One Biscotti, Two Biscotti, Three Biscotti, Four….

Are all biscotti created equal? Now that’s a good question. From someone who didn’t know too much about the famed Italian cookie, I have quickly learned the answer is a resounding no! What sets biscotti apart you ask? Well… for starters, flavour and crunch!

Turns out that authentic Italian biscotti are not made with added fat (i.e. butter or oil), but they beat the eggs and sugar together until they were light and airy. This yielded the classic texture and taste. Add to that nuts and there you have it. Crunch, crunch, crunch. Some might say too much crunch. The kind of crunch that might break a tooth. Eek! That was not what we wanted for customers (or for ourselves).

When we started this business, we wanted to create decadent and delicious treats. Ones that set us apart from other biscotti manufacturers and bakers. That was a tall order. Please understand we honour the classic approach, and in no way minimize anyone who bakes using genuine methods, or family recipes. In our eyes, it’s all good.

So why are our biscotti different?

We believe food is one of the most wonderful things to experience! So, creating beautiful looking and amazing tasting biscotti was our intention. With that in mind, each flavour has been lovingly developed while careful consideration was given about ingredients - only the best, and all natural were chosen. And it has to be appealing. Looks matter.

It appears we’ve done something right because our customers keep coming back and asking for more! Yay for us.

By keeping it fresh (our ideas and the biscotti), we are providing a whole new and wonderful taste experience for the consumer.

Now back to counting. Five Biscotti, Six Biscotti, Seven Biscotti….


Happy Dunking!

Andrei and Sophie Losinski

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