The Story

The Story

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away there lived a happy husband with his blissful bride. The couple loved each other very much. They also adored their friends and family, and would do anything for them. One holiday season the fair maiden felt generous of spirit and made biscotti as gifts for her beloveds. She had never baked the famed Italian biscuits before, but approached the experience with fun and infused love into each hand-styled and crafted cookie. 

Those who sampled the biscotti loved the flavorful and fancy treats. The presents were a huge hit.

Accolades and requests for more biscotti came in. After hearing, “You are onto something” and, “You have to sell these” more times than they could count. She listened and Beyond Belief Biscotti was created!

She took her passion for people and her desire for decadence to create wonderful and tasty artisanal goodies — never sacrificing the classic crunch biscotti are known for.

They lived (and she baked) happily ever after.

The Beginning...